Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Stargate Universe Trailer

Is it wrong that I am sorta excited for this? I been a fan of the Stargate series since the first episode of Stargate SG 1. Looks like the writers trying are trying to write more 'darker' stories. It will be hard one to call until the show starts to air. One big problem with Atlantis was that the writers got stuck on their favorite character (coughcoughRodneyMcKaycough) or their shiny new toy (coughJenniferKellercough). Then the writers would forget that there was other characters on the show (coughRonanandTeylacough). As long as the writing is more equal for characters, then there is a chance.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Compostion Paper

I have five hours to come up with a composition paper. It is a literary analysis of the book,Black Like Me. My main topic will be one of the setting, New Orleans. Hopefully, I will get a surge of engery. Sidenote, Thank god Big Brother is back. Love listening to the feeds as background noise. Tons of fights so far this season.