Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Research Paper Update

I have my last class tomorrow. I have to take my finale in Goverment and Polictic class. I am a tab bit nervous but I shouldnt let my nerves bother me. Finshed my research paper for Composition. over the weekend. I got my grade wich was 180/200. Overall, I made 91% A in the class. I was about to bust into tears. I thought I would have made a B in there. I am still in shook though.
Classes will not start back for me until the end of the month. I signed up for: Intro to Socilocloy, Desktop Applications, Tort Law, and Interview/Investagions. Hopefully, the legal classes will have enough students to keep the class going. I do have one back up class picked just in case one gets cancelled: Spanish I. Cross my fingers I get to take all the classes I picked.

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