Saturday, January 9, 2010

Current Project

My current project right now is cataloging all my DVDs. I spent years working at a video store and have dvds movies to show for it. I want to get them in CD Book like this:

By doing that, the cases will not take up as much space as it does. By organizing them, I know what I have. It is amazing that I have found movies I didn't know I even owned. I am building a database using Microsoft Excel. I want to keep the list in ABC order but when they are put in the books, I plan name the books like Book A slot 1 to help find any certain title.

I am not sure if I should log in my VHS movies in the list or create it's own list. I have a bunch of VHS movies too. You can find them so dirt cheap now that if you watch them once, you got your moneys worth. Any suggestions on that issue?

My dream is to one have a home movie theater. I would love to have a basement to turn into the home theater. I have tons of movie posters to frame. I would want friends and family to come over and enjoy the home theater too. Right now, it just a pipe dream but who knows.

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