Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day One

We left the house a bit before six AM. Made it to St. Louis a bit after nine. We both desided to stop and go to the arch. I was able to live one of my two dreams, I went to the top of the arch!!! (Other dream is to go to a St. Louis Blues Game).

Going to the top of the Arch, My brother and I had this converstian:
He looks out the window and see the tram moving up
Him: Wow thats is quite a drop and I am scared of heights
Me: Why the hell are you looking down then?

On top, it was so pretty. Got tons of pictures of that. After that, we walked around St. Louis for a few hours. We got lost in East St. Louis. Finally around one, we found our way out of St. Louis. We finally made it to Chicago after six. Here where It got bad. I am not used to that type of city traffic. I was freaking out and we keep geting lost in the city. It took us over two hour to find the damn hotel. Tommorrow, should be a hell alot better. Will try to post one pictures on myspace.

One last thing, in St.Louis, we where trying to find a way get out of there. We ask the woman at the parking area. We told her that we are using mapquest. She looks at us and goes "Mapquest is pretty worthless".

Our dumbass finally left St

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  1. You should take your brother to the top of all the tall things.