Friday, October 2, 2009

Day Two - Concert w/ Pictures

I know it is really day three but this is going to count for day two. I havnt really been by my laptop much on Thursday to type. Most of the day was spend exploring around the neiborhood of Chicago. We didnt really want to drive, so we walked around everywhere. We found quite a few record stores. Found a used cd/dvd store that had some neat stuff. Found some really cool books. I found a book about Freddie Mercurys life and a book about famous crimes.

Now to the concert:

People where lining up outside since four. It was raining and cold. I thought I could walk there and turns out, I didnt know where it was. By the time I got there, I was wet and cold. We started to talk to people in the line. I met a girl from Asia and a guy from London. We where able to get in the Metro around six thirty. It was first come, first serve with standing. Luckly for use, we got a spot right in front of the stage. We only had some people in front of us but we where extermly close to the stage.The opening act, Bear Hands was really good. Got the crowd moving. After their set was done, It was time for the main show.

Manic Street Preachers was awsome live. It was cool to see how the crowd got into them. I really enjoyed the show alot. Took tons of pictures and video. After the show, Two of the band member stood outside and signed autographs. My brother got all three member to sign his cd. I was able to meet two of them. I got them to sign my concert ticket and have my picture with them. It was pretty fun.

Tommorrow, we are heading about to home. Our plan is to leave after ten AM. Hopefully we will return home before six PM. I plan on uploading all the photos later on that night.

Wish me luck driving home tommorrow.

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