Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Post

First off, Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. It really meant a lot to me. It was a pretty easy going day. The highlights where getting my car back from the auto shop and hanging out with Lica. I don't get my gift from my brother until tomorrow. I will receive my parents gift next week.
Here the Birthday Cake (My Dad's birthday is on Friday):
On the School front: I passed my test from Saturday with a perfect score 160/150 (10 bonus points)

TV: Ok, Southpark was so funny tonight. Butter becomes a pimp. I really want some sound bytes of Pimp Butters for my phone. That was so funny.

I have an idea for a poll. I have a sock monkey with no name. Havn't named it at all. Here the deal. I will let everyone vote on a name for him. Please put any ideas in the comment area, then after a few days, I set a poll up with the sugguestions.

1 comment:

  1. I would name it Pabst blue ribbon, after my favorite beer