Sunday, October 11, 2009

Queen Videos

Since it getting close to my birthday, I decided post one of my all time favorite Queen songs. I am a die hard Queen fan. Did you know that there is a huge gathering of Queen fans every year. It is called Breakthru. That sound so much fun for me. lol
Here is the my favorite video:

It is a lesser known Queen song. It was a minor hit for them in the UK. I just love that song. This video shows Freddie's showman ship. I love Brian May's guitar solo too.

On an odd musical note, I feel so bad but I like Britney Spears' new song 3. Extremely catchy. If you hear the lyrics, It what you think its about. It pretty straight forward.

Back to home work. Been running MSN when I been working on my homework. My MSN email is .

Off to working on homework and listening to Tool Academy 2.

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